Other equipment

Peripheral Equipment

Primary bag

  • Bags can be used as they are upon arrival and be stocked by type or customer

Dirty bag

  • Dirty bags are weighed and stocked by laundry type, and automatically sent and loaded to a proper washer

Clean Bag

  • Automated system for transporting dried items to the proper finishing location

Roll-related Products

Auto feeder

  • Feeds items such as sheets, duvet covers, and cloths into an Ironer, at a rate of 900 to 1,200 items per hour

Stain and Tear Inspection Equipment

  • A system that uses a camera to automatically inspect for stains and tears on sheets duvet covers, cloths towels, etc.

Flatwork folder

  • Automated system that folds sheets and duvet covers based on folding size


Auto Towel Folder

  • A system that separates and folds bath towels, face towels, and bath mats based on size

Uniform Folder

  • A system that automatically separates and folds tops and pants after finishing

Other Equipment

Aggregate Conveyor

  • An automatic system that takes and sends items from folders and other machines and enables reduction of workforce.

Metal Detector

  • A metal detector checks linens before delivery and assures safety of production

Picking Device

  • This machine automatically takes sheets one-by-one and transfers them from the dryer to the sheet feeder